24 October 2010

cuti-cuti mode berangan

Let's put aside my work story and move on to another topic.
We're nearing the end of yr 2010, approaching the month of December, means it's holiday time for most people (but not me obviously hukhuk).
I think we're not going anywhere for the next two months, yes at least not until next year.
I don't think the boss will approve should i wish to extend my confinement leave.
What more with the additional work loads coming in...surely it's a big NO NO to him.

Back to the topic, my eldest is asking for us to go to 'Pulau' again.
His brother, an avid fan of aeroplane i'd say, is showing signs of requesting his mama & abah to go somewhere, boarding the plane.
Lucky my lil Ammar is still too small to demand for anything :p Kalau tidak harus pening kami!

Well, i don't think we can afford for an expensive oversea trip next year, considering the additional expenses awaiting ahead especially when our eldest is entering his primary.

As such, a trip to 'Pulau' is quite reasonable and can be considered to be IN the list.
Rumetku Ijah, sila take note yer...awak organizer kan kan??? :) Make sure buat time cuti sekolah tau :)

But how do we go about the 'aeroplane' request?
Hubby has gave a hint, it must be somewhere where you can broaden and enrich your knowledge about the values, cultures and whatnots of other people.
It must have some (or maybe a lot) of scenic places that you can treasure and appreciate, and not places where you bunk in your money and do nothing other than shopping n shopping!

Me, being an obedient wife, somehow kind of agree this time.
Better sure to make it a budget holiday, else someone might cancel the plan altogether hoho.

We were thinking of Beijing. Cheap, easier to find halal food, loads of tourist attraction, and most importantly i can picture myself carrying Ammar with my newly-purchased SSC climbing the great wall of China! Berangan sungguh haha jgn marah...berangan tak rugi ok!

Any other suggestion peeps?
Remember, it must be cheap, and not a shopping heaven for tourist.

p/s: jeles ada org tu dah plan nak ke Bandung, Medan, New Delhi, etc...:p


laydida said...

jom disneyland tokyo! :D
kids will surely appreciate it. kita yg dah jadik mak budak ni pun trasa mcm bebudak je bila jejak kaki kat disneyland..huhuhu

k3na said...


atulhani said...

krabi/phuket.. wohohoho..cant wait to go there again.

Farra said...

pergi yg murah je la...btol tu krabi /phuket

tokyo agak mahal gak rate die

y@tipruzz said...

huda- baru gi GC, disneyland tunggu ammar dh besar sket, baru bley appreciate :p Lg pon jepung serba serbi mahal!

bali/krabi/phuket - best utk kekanak ke?

farra ko nak ke krabi/phuket nx yr?

myjuliana said...

beijing jom! teringin sangat nak tgk culture org islam kat sana..

pakat gi sama2 nak? he he

y@tipruzz said...

december/jan ade snow turun...dec 2011 la nak?

Ummu Auni Afif said...

adeh...nak buat camno, make use of cheap fares..hahaha.

lors, lko tu dah sampai australia, OK lah tu :D

Ummu Auni Afif said...

beijing best!!!! tapi makan so-so je lah

y@tipruzz said...

anak2 ko enjoy beijing?
mkn nk sedap of course mesia gaks :)