13 October 2010

Pouch sling or SSC?

Seeing the wide selection of designs and fabrics available, it's kind of rambang mata isnt it? i just cant decide which one suits Ammar (read: his mama) best. Another thing, whether to opt for a pouch, or SSC? SSC no doubt makes the mommy or daddy looks cool, which becomes part of the reason for you to have one :) A pouch is simpler to wear than a sling (prolly based on my imagination yer, not talking by experience), and obviously does not require much adjustment. What's important, nursing on the go is possible without you having to spare for extra cover/poncho/hood to cover the B.

Before that, let's drool the pics together. Which one do you like most...or to be exact, which one is suitable for me? hehe

black n white - simple, easier to match with blouses of any colors

somehow or rather i prefer this. The straps are in brown, which is my favourite color, while the flowers are very colorful, looks chic and cute don't u think so?

Anyway these are some in-stock design for a standard SSC from snuggbaby.com (the owner is Liza, Terry's wife).


myjuliana said...

i like the black and white. simple and kalau hubby nak pakai pon tak segan.. tu kalau chotla kan. hehehe

btw, liza tu my ex-schoolmate kat mrsm taiping dulu.. hebat2lah kawan2ku berbisnes!

y@tipruzz said...

julies - both design dah taken..hukhukk

laydida said...

kalau nak long term, better SSC yg mcm dlm gambar tu..sbbnye:

1-ianya 2 shouldered carrier. sampai todd years pun bole pakai lagi. pouch ni single shouldered, kalau budak dah memberat sure rebeh seblah bahu..heheh. unless kalau single shouldered carrier tu ialah hip carrier (cth:scootababy), berat baby/budak distributed evenly on ur shoulder, hip and back.

2. SSC does not need sizing..sbb bole adjust position, comfort with the strap and buckles. kalau pouch, u need a correct sizing ikut umur baby. else, tak comfortable and may cause wrong positioning of the baby.

3. SSC convenient la utk both mom and dad. easy to take on and take off. kite ibu2 ni tak kisah sgt salunye bila nak babywear pakai ape pong..tapi kaum adam ni ada concern sikit. kalau byk belit2 or kain tu panjang ke..sure diorg malas nak babywear..hehe.

4. color selection: tanyela pruzz dia nak bbywear ke tak. if he's considering, carila kaler2 and prints yg unisex hehe. and dont forget kene matchkan dgn ur wardrobe lah.

kesimpulannye, i vote for SSC! (1st carrier kite SSC..no regret beb)

laydida said...

tambah sikit lagi.

bole sajerk discreet BFeeding in public guna SSC..kene practise sikit la with the correct outfit (reason kenapa kene kumpul nursing apparel muahahaha >:)

i did BF few times ..yg paling kite igt masa shopping kain raya kat Harisson Jln TAR heheh. sorg pun tak tau except ajon :P

y@tipruzz said...

mmg dh nekad nak SSC. tp x byk selection dah kalo yg in-stock. tak tahu bila Liz boleh reproduce blk since dia dah pop out/waiting to pop out kan??

dulu time idlan n firas mmg guna SSC..tp yg murah jela. Me quite sceptical nk beli pouch/RS senarnye, having had a history of backache before, cfm i cant stand the baby's weight during long outing hrs.

anyway, mane lg site yg ade SSC cun eh?

laydida said...

try this : http://www.littlepods.com/

rambang matee o_0

y@tipruzz said...

o0o0 dh penah masuk tu...byk sgt pening!

eja said...

hmm just curious.baby agak kepanasan tak klo pakai ssc ni?interested nak beli tapi takut..