13 October 2010

Rocking your baby

These past few days Ammar has been quite 'cranky', day and night. Each nursing or feeding time takes me approximately 1.5-2 hours before i can put him on the bed. In between that he'll sleep for like 10 minutes, nurse, sleep, wake up and nurse again, sleep, and the trend continues for 2 hours before he really dozes off to lalaland. A simple ikan goreng, sup sayur and masak nasi can take me about 2 hours to finish cooking, which at times i wish i can just order from mangkuk tingkat, dominos or anything so that i can close the kitchen. Everything must be done at a rather faster pace, unlike during his first 7 days where he slept for a straight 2-3 hours and mama has all the luxuries to do so many things (including online surfing :p) thru out the day. There were few times where i got a proper sleep for only 3 hours, the rest of the night was spent holding, cuddling, and 'dodoi' him. My nipp*es hurt and sore due to the fact he sucks for quite a long time.

Hubby voiced out the idea to put him inside a swing, but i kind of reluctant knowing the fact that the nursery does not has swing. As much as possible i don't want to train him to sleep inside swing, else the caretaker might have problem later to sleep him. Hubby then took out a rocker, which was bought during Idlan's time. The first time i put him inside and rocks him, he slept for a straight 2 hours. Second time, the rocker just did not work for him anymore haha. Anyway i must keep on trying for the next few days, hoping he'll loves being rocked!


laydida said...

sangat high need baby ni, mcm irene dulu. mmg memenatkan.. sakit2 bahu & badan kita masa dlm pantang. dahle sorg2 kat rumah mak masa tu. mak kite pun keje lagi mcm ummi awak. tapi ok lagi tu sbb ammar tak merengek..kalau idak, lagi pening. irene nangis, kite pun nangis sama huhu.

swing tu pun temporary solution je..kalau tak bergerak buaian tu, bisingla mulut dia. tapi duduk dlm tu bukan dia tidur pun hahaha. tension2. but at least dia takdela mengempeng kat nenen je.

at last, habbit tu hilang lepas pantang. balik SK je dia terus jadik good girl, tak cranky & memerap dgn mama dia sgt.

lets pray that this is just a phase for ammar that will quickly go away. sian awak. lagipun, perangai baby ni berubah2..

y@tipruzz said...

huda, ammar is actually much easier to take care of as compared to firas. firas dulu lg dasat peel dia...sokmo nangis, tak tido, yada yadaa..mujur x meroyan je kite dulu :p Dia nangis, kite pon nangis...lost temper, memacam la hoho. Now that i've had experienced handling such a high need baby, dgn ammar ni rasa still can cope...cuma nipple ni sokmo sakit, penat dia bekerja :p And i had difficulty to accumulate stock, sbb breast sokmo empty hukhuk

tini said...

owh ammar ni sama pesen ngan basheerah gak. kalau nyusu, asyik lebih dari 1 jam. kdg2 2 jam die tanak lepas. aku plak yg boring tak leh nak buat apa ahahahahah pastu tido bukan nye lama, max is 1 hour pastu die bgn balik. so takleh nak buat keje sgt sebab die tak suka tinggal sorg2.

y@tipruzz said...

yaa betul tini...sama la tuh. melekap lama bukan main, tp tidonye kejap2. lotih den!

myjuliana said...

yati, kalau kite, i'll do whatever that will ease the mom and relax the baby.. tapi kita cuba avoid swing sbb memang tak pernah prepare for swing pon.. but rocker did helps sometimes.. and easy to bring along kalau nak pergi mana2.. and you dont have to worry about stocking yet, takut effect milk production.. once this phase end, insyallah awak bleh rest and gather stock.. just pray and wait.. insyallah Ammar will do good.. :)

y@tipruzz said...

julie - ammar has been quite gud tis morning. hope Allah will ease my way...:)