09 October 2010

nursing the baby...and babies!

As promised in my previous entry, let's take a look how challenging and difficult it is, being a staff nurse/nurse aid/assistant nurse in the baby's nursery. This is prolly based on my short, few hours observation of staying in the nursery while feeding Ammar.

1. There are 2 staff nurse in one shift, and they work nearly 12 hours on every shift...very long isn't it?
2. They bath the babies as early as 5am, what a shocking revelation hoho! Deep down inside I was dying to ask 'why so early', but tried my best to keep my mouth shut...probably they have their own reason tho i can't really think of any :p
3. They bath the baby one after another. When finish bathing, the other nurse will take care the rest..put on the cloth, diaper, apply baby oil and lotion to the body, and last but not least, comb the baby's hair! Even i myself didn't comb my son's hair haha
4. When the babies poo, they will push the baby's cot to the sink, wet the tissue with running water and clean it. Save cost on wet tissue right?
5. Formula milk for the new born is prepared in many bottles in advance and is refrigerated before use. I guess they made it this way to save time, and of course to avoid the long crying and wailing from the babies :p
6. Imagine when there are 10-11 babies in the nursery at a time. When one cries, followed by another and more, the nurse can only attend to 2 babies and the rest will be left crying. Some babies will cry until they stop by themselves. Hectic and tense, that's the fact.
7. Babies make different sound, and their voice indeed differs one from another. There is this one baby girl who sounds very soft, that i can hardly hear her crying.
8. You really need to be super-mentally-and-emotionally-strong if you wanna work in this field. Make sure you are sounds-proof too, and can persevere under the endless stressed. Honestly, i salute the nurses, their jobs are tough, and apparently it is not easy taking care of more than one baby at a time!

Moral of the story, bersyukurlah dengan kerja kita sekarang ni :)


Ummu Auni Afif said...

jadi cikgu pun susah juga

aida said...

aku pun tgk benda sama masa tengok fateh dalam inkubator. tapi masa aku bersalin, musim baby tak ramai.. dalam 6 orang the most, dan masa tu trainee nurse ramai. yang duk dalam inkubator (termasuk fateh 3 babies).

tanya head nurse situ, dia kata bersalin ni ikut musim.. paling peak macam tgh tahun.. tu tak menang tangan.

tapi exp aku bersalinkan fateh kat tawakal sgt tak best, aku nak mintak room in dengan baby masa lepas bersalin pun bergaduh. mujur la gynae best

y@tipruzz said...

aini - kesimpulannya keje ofis cam kita much easier than theirs :p

aida- time 8.8.08 dulu pon nursery penuh...firas baby ke-10 mlm tuh hehe. today 10.10.10 i bet nursery jam-packed jugak :p

ummi said...

yes and no. yes i am thankful for my job (albeit sedang bercuti panjang). and that hosp shud get more nurses then, mana boleh 2 orang je nak jaga segerombolan baby macam tu.

aida, cemana plak x bg rooming dengan bb? pelik!

aida said...

entah la kak tie, time fahri ok pulak room in.. hospital tawakal ni nurse dia jadi makin lemau aaa