27 February 2011

y@ti's cLoset

Salam All,
Looking for cutie lil tiny baby apparels at affordable prices?
Kindly visit http://yatiscloset.blogspot.com , my new line of business (and yes a total diversion from baking altogether haha).
Well, the fact that having a lil baby that demands full attention, plus having to take care of my two growing up kid and tod is not that easy i must say. Due to that i do not have time to spend my sweat and tears (cewahh) baking cakes, muffins and watnots for time being, at least not until Ammar turns 1 yr. As such i decided to do something else, and that 'something else' must be created out of your passion isnt it?
So baby kids and apparels it is then!
I'm now starting at a small scale, hoping that this new venture of mine will turn out to be bigger and expand to the extend i can finally become a WAHM one day. Amin. Pray for me yer!!
So wait no more, grab yours now, for your lil and lovely ones :)


myjuliana said...

wow tahniah! kite pon nak start, tak nyempat2 lagi. sibuk banget! good luck!

y@tipruzz said...

tq...and all the best to u too okeh!!

win said...

Kite pon dah start... gud luck sume yer!! to me too.. :)