01 February 2011

transporting the milk

We'll be going back to Kedah this coming Thursday until Sunday. It keeps on raining nowadays, as such our most greatest fear amongst all is black-out when we were not at home. Further from past experience our taman will be in the dark especially when it rains heavily. Hubby threw out the idea of transfering the EBM to my mom's house, temporarily, at most for a week until we get back home. Surely my mom's freezer space is not enough to accomodate all those EBMs, as such we will be transporting the EBM, together with the deep freezer (zue, freezer awak akan berada di rumah mak kite for a week hehe).

1. First i bunk in all the EBMs into paper bags, later it'll be easier for us to empty the freezer and carry it into our car. Plus there is a risk that the container will break if we carry the freezer without emptying it. Got 5 paperbags altogether, stock from December 2010 till January 2011.

2. Process of inserting the paperbags into the deep freezer. Previously the EBMs are stacked-up one by one inside it...kalau angkut dlm kereta confirm tunggang terbalik nanti :p

3. So tomorrow morning the EBMs will travel all the way from Kajang to Ampang, and is staying there for good for a week :)

4. I still spare some EBMs (about 60 containers) that can last for 2 weeks inside our freezer, this to accomodate Ammar's need at daycare for the whole of next week (sementara kami pergi ke Ampang utk ambil balik the freezer).

That's the plan for our upcoming 'balik kampung' trip. Planning is very important isn't it?

Can't imagine what's gonna happen if we just leave the milk, the house got black-out and the milk got defrost and rotten just like that. Uhh habis penat lelah mama mengepam for the past 4 months, mesti sedih kan!!

Have a nice holidays peeps!


zeti said...

oo sgt tragis okk....aku dah penah kene..mase balik raya...balik rumah tgk susu sume dah cair..which is satu deep freezer penuh ...sgttttttt tensen ....gile amik mase nk terima ...mase lambakkan sume botol2 tu kat sinki..mmg tak dpt nk terus cuci n buang...mmg berejam2 duduk diam2 menangis...rase nak marah tapi tatau nk marah kat sape...amat mentally disturbed ..mmg amik mase console diri dulu..baru la mulekan proses mencuci botol2 :( ...tp alhamdulillah..dpt penuhkan balik freezer walaupon mule2 tu agak perit la sbb kene kerja keras sket extra pumping session :)

Farra said...

Aku pon suka planning awal..
Mmg bagus ko wat gini, perit dan segala usaha kumpul susu x disia-siakan oleh black out

y@tipruzz said...

zaiti- yer slalu dgr citer cam ko, sbb tu aku taknak kena camtu. tragis kan, org yg mengalami tu sure sgtttt sedih!! Tp hebat la ko dpt penuhkan blk freezer tu. aku skang ni kais pagi mkn pagi, output aku = daily consumption ammar. kalo takde stock ebm ni, mau menangis aku hoho

farra- yaa betul! dan terima kasih jugak kpd en abe ku yg mengutarakan idea utk pindahkn susu ke umah mak aku :)) Yg klakar, td bila ayah aku tgk aku punggah susu, dia tanyer..beli kat mane susu ni? ohhh my father mmg tidak faham akakaka