10 February 2011

Photobook for Nek Umi's Birthday

As promised, here goes some of the pages taken from the finished Photobook, which i intend to give it to my mom on the upcoming weekend (tak sabar!!!) as her belated birthday gift. I guess this is something special (not the usual handbags, clothes, watch, shoes,etc that i had gave her previously), as the book features pics of her grandsons (not forgetting myself n hubby as well haha tukang sibuk je eh??), and she got to see their pics whenever she misses them.

The cover, featuring my 3 little boy..using 'Sephia' pic mode. The background is already embedded in the Photobook's software. Font courtesy from Semah...tq dear!!

The first aka welcoming page. The most recent pic taken purposely for this project. Firas with his usual cheeky face, Ammar yg blur like always, and my eldest, Idlan who just lost his 'gigi kapak' to his deskmate :p

My eldest Idlan Farhan, the breech baby - obedient and a very cautious boy in everything he does

Followed by Amir Firas, the induced baby, who shares the same birthdate with me, born on the 2008 Olympic day held in Beijing - the mischievous and 'naughtiest' amongst all!

Last but not least, my lil 4 mo baby Ammar Fitri - a very demanding baby i'd say, 'melekap' saja kerjanya :p

One of my favourite pages

Ni wajib letak, since my mom didn't attend my convo sob sob!

Singapore trip in 2009

our small family - with my brother n adik

GC trip last year - when i was 4 mo preggied to Ammar

right page - my favourite pic featuring the eldest two, taken at Currumbin Wildlife Sanc.
And these are purely for my personal reference:
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My layout is pretty simple, not as 'hebat' as my sifu Semah hehe.
Yours can be much more attractive if you got ample time to work on it, and of course with lil bit of creativity added in. Me, being an ex-accounting student is not that creative enough, in fact i missed out the "Preview" button and only noticed it after i safely uploaded my project...sangat lah lemau hukhukk!!
So teruja tak anda? tunggu apa lagi silalah mengambil langkah pertama anda sebelum terlambat cewahhh (rasanya patut claim dari Photobook tak pasal special entry khas ni hehe cam ambassador tak bertauliah pun ada :p)


puterikiut said...

cantiknyaaaa..nnt kalau ada masa akak pun nak buat la.. bila kah 'ada masa' itu..hehehe

Nur Hilyati said...

betul kak..sgtla menuntut masa yg lama huhu..sy pon nk wat utk diri sendiri nnt.

Ummu Auni said...

wah wah ni kena try image wrapped landscape ni. hari tu cuba, tapi dek malas, pakai background hitam je semua