23 February 2011

EBM - chilled or frozen?

I've received enquiries many times from friends and neighbours on the way i handle my EBM for Ammar's daily needs at daycare. So here goes my routine, it might differs from other bf mommies out there but do not fret, just follow whatever methods that suits you best.

Previously during the first few weeks after confinement, i sent 5 bottles of thawed milk (3oz each) to the teacher. The night before, i will take out 5 containers of frozen milk, thaw them outside for about 1 hour and later put it back into fridge for the whole night. The next morning, i will transfer all the thawed EBM from their respective containers into bottles. This is just exactly like what i did during Firas's time, for 15 months :) Meaning, everyday i will have to wash approximately 9 bottles (5 from taska, 4 for the EBM expressed at the office).

Then, the teacher told me to do not give them so many bottles, instead just send off the frozen EBM and let them do the rest. Back then i was thinking 'waalllaahh what a relief!' since i dont have to do the thaw and milk transfer process anymore..jimat masa seh plus tak payah basuh byk botol!! Further there will be no more case where the thawed milk has to be discarded should Ammar didn't consume it (sangat rugi tau hukhukkk).

So now i just supply 8-9 frozen EBM everyday, plus a bottle of fresh EBM that i pump around 6-6.30am before i left for work. On certain occassion where i didnt manage to pump, i will give them a bottle of chilled EBM (the one that i expressed at work during day time) instead of the fresh EBM.

On top of that, i will ensure there will be buffer stock (around 2 containers) inside their freezer, just in case Ammar suddenly decided to drink more during the day :p, or for cases where i need to stay back for meetings, or stuck in traffic. Everyday when i reached taska to fetch Ammar, i will take a peep inside their freezer and check the balance of EBM so that i know how many containers i need to send to them on the following day. Indirectly i also get to know how much EBM he consumes throughout the day (again this is very important at least to me who is now on 'kais pagi makan pagi stage' kata orang hihi).

So that's it peeps.
How about you?

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Zuedin said...

samelah....pengasuhku pun dulu mintak frozen je. ku bagi daily 5 botol 5 oz dan spare 4 botol di umah pengasuh)...dier pun prefer frozen sebab dier kater kalau dah thaw tak abis minum kang kene buang membazir lak