09 February 2011

ramblings 123

I'm taking EL today. Mind and body totally exhausted, be it at work or home. I had migraine since Monday evening till now, had 3 dosage of ponstan already and i guess today it's time for me to just stay at home, get enough rest, and off the mind from office work and issues. It's only 9.09am, and so far i'm done folding 3 big 'bakul' of clothes (a major achievement i'd say haha, and thanx to my hubby who never fails to run the machine and hang the clothes, luv you Yang!!). It really stressed out when you came back and see loads of baju bertimbun2 on the sofa, untouched and waiting to be folded huhu. I'm done sweeping the floor, wipe the 'very' thick dust on my tv cabinet and coffee table...clap clap again to me!! Now it strikes my mind, is there any mommy out there who purposely takes leave just to clear up the house chores?? siapa ada angkat tangan! :) Hopefully things will be back under control when Ammar gets bigger, now he is still small, knows nothing except 'berkepit' for hours the moment we got back home. It takes 1-1.5hours just to put him into sleep, by the time he's settling down i am just too tired to do anything, in fact i've missed to sterilize his bottle for days already, what more to spend time to talk to Idlan about what happen at school during the day.

Bored already with my ramblings? hah that's me, when i started 'membebel' it can goes non-stop but what the heck, to blog it out is one of the way to let the burdens off the shoulder, apart from munching chocolate bars, which boost out your energy and reduce stress, tak percaya sila cuba! hehe

By the way, let's take a quick peek at below screen, the market is booming and is picking up peeps! I am thinking of letting go some shares but is still undecided at this moment. Perhaps i'll continue monitor for few hours and take action before the end of the day :) This is the good thing when you're at home - boleh blogging, boleh main share, boleh kemas rumah, boleh baking....see what a bless if you're a WAHM. No one to monitor, or peep at your screen to check whether you're doing your office work or something else hoho.

Oklah, i'm off for now. Wait for my next update on the finished Photobook ok.

p/s: was thinking to bake marble cheese brownies, or just a simple blueberry muffin, tapi malas nak pergi beli barang...how mehhh???


ShaFiAti said...

but me...duty at bilik gerakan banjir tmnoc...dpt blk awal kul 3.30 hr ni..yey...hehehe

have a good rest yati!

y@tipruzz said...

u too!!!