09 February 2011

It's Matched!

I placed a queue at 3.900 since the market opens at 9am. I waited till 1.30pm, and the movement is quite slow, in fact the price decreased and bounced, highest at 3.850. And now when i checked, the highest is at 3.990!! adessss rugi rugi!! Definitely my selling was matched when i went out to Yummie just now, or probably when i was busy making my cheese brownies.

ahh beginilah kehidupan!! (tiru nada macik2 ofis ku yg suke ckp slang Jawa :p)

Apa2 pun, masih dpt untung. Yang awak jgn marah kita tak grab the highest profit yer :p
Kalau melekap depan lappy 24 jam confirm dpt match at the highest price...tapi ku bukan remisier atau pun pemain share tegar wahaha

p/s: sedapnyer bau brownie dlm oven...tak sabar nak ngap!!

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