01 February 2011

Restoran Mohd Chan Abdullah

It supposed to be Red Wok, our plan that has been planned since last week. But my oh my, the restaurant closed for CNY (it's a Chinese Muslim restaurant btw, serving korean style steamboat buffet, chinese cuisine ala carte, and many more). We wandered around the adjacent area, trying to find other restaurant that looks a bit outstanding or special than others, but none unfortunately. So finally we decided to dine in at Mohd Chan Abdullah, taking into consideration their special dim sum and pau that we've tried several times before.

Here goes our orders of the day.......

Seafood tomyam RM10/bowl

Siakap steam RM32

Salad + curry leaves...apekah?
haha sorry it was butter prawn actually, bila dah habis baru teringat nak snap the pic :p

Our comment:
The Siakap steam is so-so, gravy dia tak cukup power, rasa kurang masam. The fish is no doubt very fresh, and taste sweet. The serving is suitable for 3-4 person actually, hence it took us quite some time to finish up the whole fish. Kenyang macam ular sawa! The tomyam is ok, but i guess nothing can beat Malee in Dengkil (still the best!). The butter prawn, ahh i guess no lengthy explanation is needed, mmg sedappp...tgkla cuma tinggal seredak jer baru teringat nak ambil gambar :p
Not in the pic:
Dim sum (price: RM3.80 for 3 pcs). This time we chose chicken carrot dim sum, mmg sedap!
Pau (Price: RM1.80/pc). The size is quite small tapi sedap, sila cuba ok!
Next review shall be Red Wok, a newly-opened restaurant in Kajang Impian. Tunggu!!!

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