08 June 2010

24 weeks and counting

1. A colleague of mine tegur time lunch tadi .....

'jgn ckp aku ko pose lagi ari nih...sian aku tgk'
and i said....'pose lagi la beb'.
He continued...'byk lagi ke, bley ke aku tolong bayarkan?'
I giggled....'haha hutang dgn Allah sendiri kena bayar la weh :p'

2. I'm on my 24 weeks already, how time flies! Still yet to know the baby's gender. Idlan keeps insist for us to finalize the baby's name, he was like proposing and threw out few names every time the idea came across...how sweet :) I haven't do any shopping for the lil' one yet, guess i don't need much as firas' things were still look good. But if it turns out to be a girl, wahahhaa let's see how much the damage will be :p

3. It's been quite long since i last blogged about the kids kan. Idlan is progressing well at school. But he impressed us most on the bacaan Quran (honestly sejuk hati ibu dia), last night i asked him to recite the Quran and alhamdulillah, bacaan dia sgt lancar. Sgt rajin to follow abah going to surau for Isyak, i told hubby to bring him along for Tarawikh time Ramadhan nanti. He already told us he wanted to puasa (since abah had promised him RM1 per day for every full puasa, and he can use the money to buy anything he wants - tak payah masuk tabung :p)

4. My dear Firas turns 22 mths today. Cheeky, energetic, bubbly and bouncy boy...always got something to do every minute. Loves this 1 cd bought by abah, consists of Barney, Bob the Builder, Thomas and Pingu all in one. He bounces and jumps whenever his favourite songs aired on TV...especially lagu Bob. Do not eat much, he's giving me stress during meal times lately...seriously. Most of the time he takes nothing except milk. Malam tadi mkn nasi kosong kuah sardin, i even tried to sorok the sardin & telur bwh2 nasi but he figured it out...and tunjuk2 at those lauk, asking me to take it out...sabor jela!

5. My other half, tak payah cerita la kot :p Those on FB tahu bf saya ni tgh sakan main volley and join tournament sana sini. I support you Yang...main-main jugak, phd jangan dilupa!!!

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