30 June 2010

Sweet Chat Cafe

Last Friday we planned a very short and quick outing to Mines after office just to buy groceries and some gifts. And we had our dinner for the first time at Sweet Chat Cafe.

Tropical juice for hubby, and me & idlan had ice-chocolate.
Memang sedap! Behold on the rich chocolate syrup, i bet it's Hershey's :p

Hubby ordered this- chicken sandwich. It's not really a wholemeal bread, nor does the normal bread...tapi very soft and sedap :) Big portion some more...

Got myself a baked macaroni & cheese. Sedap jugak, in fact idlan walloped more than 1/2 of the plate hoho. Memang confirm anak mama sebab suke mkn cheese jugak :)))

Last but not least, we had this for dessert - tong yuen with bubur pulut hitam. Tong yuen tu macam glutinuous rice ball with finely grind peanut inside...rasa macam makan biskut mazola. Bubur dia sedap, lemak & manis sumer cukup :)

Overall rating - 4/5. Memang sedap, ada status halal Malaysia, harga pon reasonable.
I think their specialties are more towards dessert, they got a wide range of cold and hot dessert for you to choose from....pancake durian pun ada, perhaps we'll try this next time.


atulhani said...

saya cam pernah perasan kedai tu kak.. tapi tak pernah cuba.. masa tu pergi Mines, cuba makan kat pizza apa tah, sebelah nandos.. sedap gak pizza kat situ..

y@tipruzz said...

san franc pizza sebelah nandos tuh.
Sweet chat ni 1st bukak dekat midvalley.

LiTtLe^m3 said...

manisnya baby kat dalam ;)