16 June 2010

Tiara Beach PD 13-14 June

Our 4th/5th visit to TBR this time. It was already like our family's 'official' hotel when it comes to PD hihi. This time, i prepared a simple fried rice (accompanied by the sambal kering bilis & tempe), and have it packed in three bekas for our lunch. Exactly like what our mothers did during the good old days whereby they normally cook and tapau their own homemade food for picnic/makan angin trip.

We travel with kids, as such some junks is a must!

Before 11am, we arrived at TBR. Packed like sardine as expected (it's school holidays remember?), and we can only checked in after 3pm as the room was still not ready and cleaned.

The kids had fun in the pool from 11-1pm. We had a break in between to enjoy the nasi goreng and not forgetting the 'over-priced' ice cream sold at nearby cafe. We cleaned ourselves at the restroom, and later brought the kids to the games room..just to kill the time waiting for check in. At 2pm, we collected our key, nevertheless the cleaner is still not done with the room, so we decided to go out and have something to eat. We stopped at this one stall by the roadside, no signage or name to assist you but the owner stacked loads of buah kelapa in front of his kedai. We had cendol, ABC, air sarsi and goreng pisang/keropok lekor. All in is only for RM7.50 (kuih tu rm4)...cheap isnt it? sedap plak tuh...highly recommended!

By 3.10pm, we finally managed to check in. Abah terus pengsan, the kids tahan mata watching Dora dan sebagainya. At 530pm, we had our second dip in the pool. Idlan makin berani as he tried out some of the slides yg before this dia tak pernah nak try. Firas is cool, refused pelampung and prefer to walk by himself in the water until it reaches his neck level. When i asked him to stoppp, he turned back and said "dalam dalam". He's getting more excited than ever when hubby took him up on the slides as well....dekat atas dah tersengih2 and later bila meluncur laju turun from the slides jatuh dlm air, tercungap2 dia pedih air masuk mata but after a few seconds terus cakap "nak nakkk" which means dia nak naik lagi! So mereka bertiga naikla slides tu lagi few more rounds sampai firas pon macam nak selsema huhu.

Night time, we went out to look out for dinner. Stopped at Restoran Ummi (BBQ & steamboat) few km after Teluk Kemang as recommended by one of the forumer, tapi macam takde orang, plus ikan nya kurang. So we turned back towards Teluk Kemang and decided to stop at Restoran Nasreen Seafood Songkla, which is located few km before the Sri Intan. Stop pun sebab tgk ramai org, which could probably be an indication that tempat tu sedap! We ordered a tomyam set which comes with 2 plain rice, bawal masak cili, kailan ikan masin, & telur dadar (rm35). Plus ikan pari bakar. Waited for nearly an hour for the food to arrive! Letih menunggu sbb org terlalu ramai. Idlan sampai tertido, firas pun lentuk dekat bahu mama. Kami kejut dan paksa kids utk makan jugak sbb kesiankan mereka yg lapar. We coaxed idlan and promised to take him to the games room again after dinner, sort of a motivation for him to stay awake and eat :p Alhamdulillah food sedap, worth the waiting! But our ikan pari bakar tak sampai2 jugak, so we just cancel it off from the bill. Balik hotel, it was already 10ish, as promised hubby let idlan played the games few rounds, while i waited inside the car sbb firas dah dozed off.

The Next day, we went down for breakfast as early as 730am. Their buffet spread is so-so, nothing to shout about. By 830am, semua dah berendam dlm pool for the last one. At 11am, we checked out and off we went back to KL. Anyway, we stayed in their studio room, RM205 booked via www.cuti.com. Kalau book direct thru hotel mmg mahal sgt la.

After a dosage of ice cream, the kids terus lena in lalaland dlm kereta...kepenatan! Cramp peha mama tampung 2 kepala kekanak yg berat :p


ct_nurmarlissaa said...

wahh..enjoy..,short n nice vacation....:-)

-ummu amin- said...

yati, kiteorg pun dinner kat nasreen tuh. mmg sedap cuma slalu packed dgn org..

y@tipruzz said...

ayu - i 'heart' its tomyam...sedap bangettt!!

Farra said...

tak penah gi TBR
yati, kalau kite nak bawa pelampung gi tioman, sampai sana cane nak tiup angin ek? salu korang wat cane?
anak dh 3 nnti cane plak nak pangku? pengsan

owh kami g oliday salunya mmg akan tapau food aje sbb kids mmg susah nak di kawal huhu

y@tipruzz said...

ntah, pelampung firas tu pruzz tiup sendiri kt umah, semputla tapi hehe. Tp sure bley pinjam resortnyer pam angin kot.

anak dah 3 nnt senang je, bb carry dlm sling/pouch, firas tido atas riba...idlan tido sendiri la taleh riba2 dah :)

-Pruzz- said...

Kalo pelampung budak2 tiup sendiri jer..takkan semput punya..lain la kalo pelampung tiub tayar lori

Nak balik nnt kempiskan balik pelampung tuh..

Farra said...

ok la pruz, aku soh je ayahnye yg tidup, maknya takut semput

y@tipruzz said...

kalo dman semput, pruz ngan zahan kan ader hihi. Biar depa lawan tiup pelampung!