03 June 2010


I like how k.tie reminiscence her previous 2010 resolution and see how she was doing so far. By the way it's already half of the year, how time flies huh?
I tried to do the same by googling the archives, but couldn't find one unfortunately. Guess my tagging list needs major improvement :p Anyway, here are some that i can still remember been entered into my list:

#1. Bayar hutang puasa (accumulated for 2 consecutive yrs)
-this is still ongoing, so far i'm doing well despite it's slightly behind track as planned. Syukur pada Allah for my good health, despite being preggie i still manage to perform my puasa though at times dugaannya sgt besar like migrain, lapar tahap gaban, etc :p

#2. Getting conceive.
Done :)

That's all i can remember, pathetic huh?

But anyway these are some of the things achieved and worth been highlighting:

1. On the purchasing department, no major damage been done so far (big pat *wink wink), except on few little things like changing my old Nokia phone to HTC Tough 3G, bought a small yet cute white gold ring utilizing my 2009 bonus, impulse buying on the black Swatch, sharing with hubby for the new 42’ LCD tv, and that’s it! No new handbags, no new expensive shoes (of course I still bought some on the medium-range prices considering those are necessities okie!). No major and unnecessary splurge on clothes, be it mine or for the kids. Opps except that I realized this year I bought more new kain as compared to last year and had them all turned into kurung Pahang, including one pure Kelantan batik silk which I managed to wore 2-3 times before it’s suddenly become too small for my growing tummy :p Oh yes, my recent venture on gold bars, an investment vehicle for the future, i think this was my wisest purchase so far….

2. My cooking skill on malay dish is improving a lot. I don’t know why but i think my recent nasi lemak & its sambal, kari ayam, masak lemak cili api, cucur bilis (don’t laugh!), etc semakin sedap!! But still I only cook on weekends as I just don’t have the energy to cook right after I got back from office (excuse la tu yer???)

3. Spring clean my wardrobe and the outcome is one big box containing used clothes, ready to be given away to the needy. Am still awaiting hubby to settle his part, and once done we can transport it out hopefully before the upcoming Ramadhan.

Now let’s see what are the things that I wish to achieve/do this year:

1. To cook daily for breaking fast on this year’s Ramadhan. Exceptions given for cases like bad traffic, extended meeting, etc. Harap2 larat la :) With that we will only spend few ringgits on kuih, like what we did for the last 2 yrs. I bet this year Ramadhan is going to be more special since Idlan has mentioned few times he wanted to ‘puasa betul-betul’, plus i'm no longer 'sakit-sakit' like last year.

2. To exclusively breastfeed my next baby for at least 1.5yr. I didn’t manage to do so with Firas, so hopefully this time Allah will ease my way.

3. To have at least 3x per year a short vacation/weekend getaway with the family. Even a one night hotel stay is considered good enough, as you don’t have to worry about the chores, laundry, etc. Nice kan!

4. To buy 1 gold dinar every month. But I remind myself not to get too excited and must only buy during the right time. Like now harga tgh naik…so kite tunggu sajer lah…

5. Try to khatam Al Quran once before end of the year.

6. Cook my very first rendang for Hari Raya this year. Remember am trying to improve my Malay cooking skill kan…so rendang is one of it!

7. To try to at least get the oven operated once! I realize I didn’t bake any cakes/tarts/muffins/biscuits this year, thanks to my laziness. Perhaps I’ll kick start with our favourites – cheese tarts & cheese cakes yummieh!!

Okla enough for now…when I got to think of other wishes then I’ll update ok.


atulhani said...

banyak gak pencapaian akak yer...

ummi said...

yati, heh.. heh.. inspired huh? nway, gold price mesti akan sentiasa naik kan. ada duit saje beli, to me lah. i have yet venture into bullion, bars and all, cuma sebok beli bling2 aje. except for dinar emas beli kat Adam masa bday dia.

y@tipruzz said...

kak, ari tu jatuh teruk kejap, tp gaji tak masuk laie, so takdan beli hukhukk. Bila gaji masuk rege terus naik sampai skang

LiTtLe^m3 said...

erk.. ada anak 2 tak masak sbb letih ok kot.. daripada tak der anak tapi tiap2 hari balik kerja g singgah beli mknan dulu tapau or mkn kat situ terus :D. akak kira cemerlangla. nanti nk call akak mintak resepi cucur ikan bilis mu yg sedap itu ;)

myjuliana said...

owh i miss my skills in cooking rendang for every hari raya. apsal la susah sgt nak dapat lengkuas kat uk nih. sepound ciput jer dapat. nak tag diri sendiri gaklah buat benda ni. hehe

yati, jgn lupa try tumbuk bilis for the sambal nasi lemak. yummylicious!!

Farra said...

tak penah wat rendang? lawak plak :p