03 June 2010

menu weekend

I know what i wanted to cook this weekend wink wink*.

1. Chicken/beef carbonara lasagna (since i still have few lasagna sheets in fridge)
2. Cheezy wedges (had just found the recipe on the net), if the taste is good hahhh no more KFC cheezy wedges after this!! Jimat tau :))
3. Bihun Singapore - kes mengidam kots?

Anyway our neighbour right next door is going to have a wedding kenduri this saturday for their eldest daughter, so tonight myself and few other neighbours are going to her house to help her out with anything...kira just mencukupkan syarat ziarah jiran & tolong apa yg patut :p Me tak reti bab2 camni (slalu org tua2 kan yg tolong hal kenduri ni) but considering dah ada kawan yg ajak...so kita ikut sajer lah :)

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