28 June 2010

cream caramel

I think the last few updates on my blog revolves more around food, yep nothing else other than my humble ramblings on craving for this and that. Forgive me for i am indeed behaving like this when carrying a baby, so do expect more updates about food in my next coming up(s) ok :)

Well, i cooked tomyam last weekend, and i was quite impressed with the output this time. It's because i decided to blend the onion, garlic and lemon grass (serai) together to give it a thicker gravy. Before this i just 'ketuk' the lemon grass as what being written on most recipes. Nonetheless i still put the serai 'ketuk', and not forgetting daun limau purut to give the extra aroma.

This is cream caramel, my favourite dessert amongst all during the fasting month. Most of the stalls at the bazaar usually sell this for RM1.50/slice. Very the expensive i'd say considering the cost is that not much! cekik darah you :p Anyway i made this yesterday and brought over to my 'dua pupu' house for a small gathering. Here goes the recipe (after slight modification by me:p)


4 eggs (original recipe is 8 eggs!)
3/4 cup sugar
1 glass of evaporated milk/susu cair
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp custard powder
6-7 tbp sugar - caramelized it

The action:
1. Whisk eggs and sugar together until well combined. Add in milk, vanilla & custard. Mix well.
2. Melt the sugar (6-7 tbp) on slow heat until it turns brown and caramelized. Leave it to cool and set.
3. Pour the batter onto the caramel (filter it to prevent small lumps coming from the custard), cover the mould with aluminium foil and steam for 25-30 minutes.
4. Refrigerate in fridge before serving. Yummiehhh!!!

Sempoi kan tapi sedap and very cooling..yg penting tak muak sgt coz i just use 4 eggs!


Farra said...

nak la sket cream caramelllll tuuuu

ummi said...

nakkkkk nakkkkkk nampak sedap sgt walopun akak cam konfius sikit bekasnya bekas cookie heh heh

y@tipruzz said...

licin dah yer :p

anyway k.tie starting next week u hv all the luxuries to spend time at home doing loads of things kan...ape lagi copy la resepi hehehe

saje buh dlm bekas biskut, sbb bekas berlambak2 dlm cupboard tu sgt semak!!

myjuliana said...

yati, kita pon suke! but since kat tesco and iceland kat sini ada jual, kite beli jek. ahhahaha