28 June 2010


My mom is selling off her 6 months old sofa set, and 2 sets of dining table. She put up the ads on Mudah.com.my yesterday's morning, and on the evening same day she already got tonnes of calls coming in asking for details on the items. Previously i helped her out selling few items like fridge, her old sofa set, washing machine, etc via mudah. That was before the house is wired with a broadband connection, and before she got to be introduced to the world of Internet. Now that she's already one-step ahead, she can book the AA ticket online, selling her stuffs on mudah, and she even made a small business via mudah by buying certain things (eg: comforter set) and resell those at a slight margin.

Thanks to mudah, memang sangat mudah, as easy as its name suggest!

(my brother had recently sold his 2nd hand honda civic via mudah just within 3 days...mudah kan :)


atulhani said...

wah... memang mudah lah! boleh try pasni..

naz said...


org yg wat iklan tuh, xsempat ajar umi lagik xD

puterikiut said...

advancenye umi yati..mudah mmg mudah..k.nieta pun jual wira kat mudah je

puterikiut said...
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y@tipruzz said...

kira okla sbb umi pandai browse2 barang guna mudah :p

k.nieta - mmg hebat kan mudah. Sy siap penah jual kasut bb firas kat mudah hehe