06 June 2010

Brekkie - Beef+chicken carbonara lasagna



Dinner - bihun goreng Singapore

and for dessert, hubby spoilt me with 2 slices of blueberry cheesecake and durian-durian from SR, tq Yang! I didn't try out the cheezy wedges recipe, too much cheese overdose for a day is not good for your cholesterol level isn't it, let's save it for next time okie!

By the way we did went out to Jusco for lunch, just to kill my 'sangap' since yesterday the three of us stayed at home while Abah bertarung for his GLU volley tournament. Congrats abah for the gold medal, berkat 'kasut baru' ehhhh! Last night, i opened the youtube for first time (betul tak tipu hehe) and let the kids watched several nursery ryhmes+upin ipin while meself watched the cerekarama. Later when they fall asleep i browse thru several online websites and guess what, i finally secured my dream bag, the one that i've longed for longggg time ago :) Consider hadiah raya la bole??? With that i will need to postpone my dinar purchase to next month, budget dah tarak :p


Ummu Auni Afif said...

tunjuklah gambar beg mu ituu

y@tipruzz said...

belum sampai daaa

CT said...

macam best je beef cabonara lasagna tu...share recipe plsssss

y@tipruzz said...

k.ct- sempoi je cam masak spaghetti gak. Tumis bwg besar+putih, masuk daging/ayam, button mushroom, prego sauce carbonara/cheese n herbs, capsicum, any other vege. Last buh grated cheese,oregano/all spices, garam.

saya malas wat kuah sendiri, so guna prego sauce je...nk shortcut :p

kalo nak wat sauce sendiri, guna resepi white sauce tu la (butter, flour, milk, whipped cream, cheddar cheese)

myjuliana said...

yati, beli kat website mana? nak tgk ak bleh? he he

y@tipruzz said...

julies - www.welovecoach.com

sila cuci mata :)