17 August 2010

34th weeks

am counting down to 5-6 weeks before labor. As of yesterday i've managed to clean and arrange all the baby clothes in my closet. 99% of it was Firas's actually, except those 2 sets of mittens & booties (still in tact in their packaging) that i bought last week. Oh few of those lil tiny clothes were actually from Idlan's times...like a Mickey romper that i still remember bought by hubby (during a warehouse sales somewhere in KL) when i was in confinement at umi's house & a blue white romper that mak ude bought from uk. So considered a 3rd generation already kan :)

The baby's name is still not finalize yet. Running out of idea actually. Hubby wanted the second name to start with 'F', but when i run thru the "F' list it seems none has actually caught my interest. I've actually propose something that starts with 'R' tapi org tu tak setuju...so let's just leave it undecided till the baby born :)
And most importantly, i hope the baby will not come out sooner than his expected date. I wanted to go back to kedah to celebrate the Raya, i wanted to enjoy all those scrumptious hidangan di hari raya, and what worries me most, my gynae will be taking leave for 4 days during Raya. Oh i don't want to give labor with other gynae but her only. On 24th Sept, me and my neighbours will be holding a jamuan raya for our taman, where there will be few tents set up right in front of our house. The baby's EDD is 26 Sept, so please yer adik be cooperative..mama wants to enjoy the jamuan first before abah takes me to the hospital!


LiTtLe^m3 said...

tak der isinya.. rupanya today red flag tapi dah demam je sepanjang sebulan ni rasanya... adik.. tolong bagi kerjasama dgn mommy to enjoy raya ye :D

Farra said...

konfem la ko tak dapek kot jamuan raya setaman tu beb..so makan pepuas dulu kat kedah..takkan le bby kuar btol2 tarikh EDD ehehhe

ummi said...

bukan 3 generasi tu... 3 beradik. tok-mama-baby, baru 3 generasi. nway kalo akak tu alamatnya raya kat KL je lah. hasben akak sure tak berani take the risk balik kpg kalo lg 2 mgu nak bersalin. eh, rindu plak nak berbaby kecik he heh

y@tipruzz said...

farra - rugi kalo x dpt merasa jamuan tuh sbb dah buat collection. kitorang siap bermiting lg tau :)

k.tie - opss tq for the correction. betul gak eh kalo 3 generasi cfm dah lusuh baju tuh :p

sikulat said...

yati.. kite pun Ariff kena pakai 3 beradik punye baju aje... dulu Ika selambe je pakaikan baju biru abang die.. so skrang nih.. selamba je ada baju baby pink utk Ariff gak.. (mase baby & dok rumah aje pun) heheh..

semoga semuanya selamat utk bersalin kali ini.. ehhhe