05 August 2010

wanna got escape?

Firas woke up about 3-4 times last two nights asking for milk and that caused me not to have enough sleep. I purposely went out to the office quite late, knowing in advance that the timing for the police/DBKL officer made their roundings was around 930-10am. So i left home around 930am, just in time to reach the office at 10am. And yes my timing was right, i can saw the men in blue uniforms standing next to the unfortunate cars, writing up their summons. I waited for few more minutes, and once i confident enough that the officers have completed their roundings, i parked my car near the riverside, took out my old summon slip and placed in on the mirror, so that if they decided to make another round of check they can mistakenly thought that 'ahh this car has already got its share for that day!'

Evening came and it's time to get back home, went to my car and tadaaaa the trick indeed works! No summon for En Matrix for that day. Lucky me eh???

Oh by the way, i have few summon slips in hand just in case any of you wanted to borrow and play the same tricks like what i did. I can lend it to you FOC ok. I know some of you are just not willing to fork out 10 bucks to pay to that parking mgmt...cekik darah kan :)


eLLe said...

oOo depa round time tu ke? ni kat menara kan? kite ada gak park kat luar dlm 9am x silap..then kuar2 dlm kul 10 lebih..sedih gak nampak keter2 sebelumnya dah ada tiket, tp bagusnye my car xde tiket pon..heheheh..alhamdulillah...

ZurratulAin said...

it doesnt work here in jb with the Majlis especially.. aku penah dpt 2 saman dlm pagi yg sama dan parking lot yg sama.. aku g klinik sejam setengah.. kuar2 ada 2 saman atas wind screen aku.. huhu..