14 August 2010


Idlan made it on his 3rd day!

And that's partly because hubby fetched him from tadika right after friday prayer, to monitor his progress back at home :p Hubby forced idlan to sleep, tapi bila si abah terlena...si anak still widely awake watching cartoons! About 5.30pm, hubby took him to pasar ramadhan and let him choose what he wants. He requested for air milo, and hubby bought some roti jala & tepung pelita to add to the existing fried mee that i cooked for iftar (it's idlan's favourite by the way :p). Since i used the whole pack of mee, it's too much for the three of us, so we gave some to our neighbour next door, and alhamdulillah in return we got back our plate filled with mee kari...rezeki tu. Few minutes before berbuka, idlan cried upon seeing his air milo on the table...tambah2 bila tgk si firas dah siap rasmi air dia hihi. We coaxed him to wait .....and finally azan pun tiba! syukur :)

This morning for sahur we had the leftover fried mee and share a pack of nasi beriyani that hubby bought yesterday. Today, our dessert will be kek batik...specially requested by hubby. Hence tomorrow shall be the turn for my favourite cream caramel then :))

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