06 August 2010

the plan for Friday....

Delighted and contented for it's Friday already!

Am going to my routine check up after lunch.
Afterwards we'll go back and pick up the kids, and off we'll head to Alamanda to buy some groceries for Saturday's jamuan makan, plus to look for Firas's besday gift at the Toy City.
Also to buy some party packs (balloon is a must!), and the chocolate indulgence cake at SR (hopefully they still have one whole cake left in the evening).
Night time, i'm planning to bake cheese tarts since i still have i piece of unused cream cheese and 3/4 tin of blueberry fillings in the freezer.

And tomorrow is the makan2 day!
Intend to cook laksa sarawak & baked macaroni with cheese.
Dessert will be the birthday cake, cheese tarts & some fruits.
Enough la tu kan :)

Last but not least, Happy 1st Birthday Muaz!!!
Next year kite pegi snorkel dekat Redang pulak yer dgn abang Ab, kak Waddah, abang Idlan, abang Firas, kak Husna, dan kengkawan lain :)

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